What is the definition of 'procrastilearning'?

Procrastilearning (or procrasti-learning)

= the art of putting off actions you want to do by learning more about them instead.

A: "I'd really like to walk up this hill someday."
B: "You should just go then. It's, like, right there."
A: "No, I have to find the perfect route up first. Also, these boots are not good enough. I should get some new ones."
B: "Would you like to borrow mine?"
A: "No, I have already gotten my phone out and am reading about hiking boots."
B: "I think you're just procrastilearning."
A: "NO U"

And who are you?

Me thinking about going up a hill

My name's Adam. I love learning about activities that can massively improve my life. It's so much easier reading about them than actually executing them. That would take, you know, self-discipline.

So I started the Procrastilearning.com website to document all these things, both for my own amusement and to perhaps help anybody who accidentally comes across it. That way I actually make something useful instead of just passively consuming, thus justifying my tendency to procrastilearn.

Yes, I have overthought this, as is the procrastilearning tradition.

Do you do anything else?

I do freelance writing, editing and translating for a living.

The book "Quarks, Elephants & Pierogi: Poland in 100 Words"
A book I co-wrote
Among the interesting things I've done, I co-founded the podcast Stories From The Eastern West and co-wrote an award-winning book about Poland. If you want to see some of my translation work, I have an older blog about it here.

I'm also a husband and father, and have usually underslept.

You can find me on Twitter. I'm also on LinkedIn if you use that. But you should just sign up to the Procrastilearning newsletter, you'll enjoy it.